Since 2001, despite repeated efforts by allies of IBM to find any errors or lessen the enormity of the historical facts in IBM and the Holocaust, all the research and assertions in the book have withstood the test of time and scrutiny of historians. Indeed, hundreds of confirming reviews and statements from leading historians, researchers, and reviewers have only deepened the documentation. That said, for a brief period of time, mainly 2001–2002, a small number of book reviews attempted to undermine the work's credibility. In most cases, these reviews were publicly retracted by the authors, and apologies were issued by the publications. As part of the retractions, donations were made to Holocaust museums or other worthy causes. A few of these retractions and apologies are shown below, but there are more.

Baumel Retraction in Jerusalem Report

Segal Retraction in Nature

Kahn Retraction in Audiofile Retraction

Heide Retraction in Annals of the History of Computing

World Association of International Scholars Retraction

Non-factual reporting or writing involving my work occurs from time to time. When it is discovered, the appropriate steps are taken to correct the record. A few of these are shown below, but there are more.

CSSR Retraction

Journal of American History Retraction

Australian Jewish News Retraction

If you have a question about a biased or negative review or published statement about the topic, feel free to inquire. If we have located the retraction, we will send it. Only inquiries with verifiable contacts citing name, address, and daytime telephone are invited.

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